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Tell me more about Gamma Knife Center, Cairo

The Cairo Gamma Knife Center has been in operation since June 2001. It uses the Gamma Knife to perform a procedure called radiosurgery. This is used in the treatment of diseases of the brain. The Gamma Knife was invented in Stockholm by Lars Leksell and first used in 1967. The first patient treated with the first prototype Gamma Knife had an excellent result. After some years the Gamma Knife was installed in other countries including, the UK and Argentina. However, it was the opening of the Gamma Knife Center at Presbyterian Hospital Pittsburgh which opened the floodgates for the development of the method. Today there are over 185 Gamma Knife sites round the world. The Gamma Knife is most used in the USA and in Japan. However, there are famous Gamma Knife sites in France, England, China and Italy amongst others. The Gamma Knife Center Cairo is not the first Gamma Knife in the middle east but the third. It is however the first Gamma Knife in Africa.